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June 2007

The Journalistic Orphans of Magnum Photographer Jonas Bendiksen
By Ron Steinman

The Wind
By Ron Steinman

This and That 5
By Ron Steinman

Sonic Vocabulary
By Carmen Borgia
OK, so we know that you must record your film well and run it diligently through the marathon of post to sound great, but this does not mean that all of the sound in a film is of one variety.

To be or knot to be?
By Gene Farinet

The Sony HVR-Z1U HD Camcorder
A Review by Steven Trent Smith

The Canon XL2 Camcorder
A Review by Dirck Halstead

Digital Filmmaking Tips for Beginners
By Roger Richards

Film Books By Ron Steinman
Enter with me the world of movie making. Pause. Satisfy your thirst for creativity.



Open Call for Submissions

At our discretion, we will often go outside the realm of digital documentary film, digital narrative film, and digital documentary photography. We will allow, in fact encourage, the discussion of everything to do with films and still photography wherever it originates and wherever it lands. This can be in a theater, on TV, a film festival, home video, DVD, VHS, a museum, a gallery, the Internet, even from a foreign shore Ė although because of the Web and the virtual world it inhabits, a foreign shore is something that no longer exists.  Read more>


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My Favorite Child-Part 1
A short film by Roger M. Richards

The home movie, "Think of Me First as a Person," portrays the love a boy with Down syndrome shares with his four sisters, but also a heartache common to the era's disabled: leaving home for an institution. In December, decades after filmmaker Dwight Core Sr. shot the first frame, the film won a special honor: one of only a handful of amateur movies accepted into the Library of Congress.

The little boy, Dwight Core, Jr., is now a tall, 47-year-old man who enjoys coloring and watching television in the living room of the Virginia home he shares with one of his sisters, Cindy Klingler. View Part 2


Camera Review: The Canon XL H1
By Dirck Halstead

Canon has always taken a "wait and see" attitude when  it comes to introducing its new video products. Then, once it has determined the direction the market is going in, they do their homework, and come up with something that is beyond anything the competition has. Such is the case with the new Canon XL H1. 
Read more>


Panasonic AG-HVX-200 P2 Camcorder Review
By Bill Southworth

I should begin by pointing out that Iím fairly new to video. My idea of a camera has always been a Leica M6 hanging over my shoulder and extra rolls of film in my pocket. Now, as a burgeoning documentary maker, I find myself loaded down with bags of lighting, tripods, sound equipment, and cameras. For music videos, I frequently have a whole car full of equipment for multi-camera shoots. That said, I come to the task of evaluating the Panasonic HVX-200 with a particular point of view. I like simple, rugged cameras that produce gorgeous pictures. The HVX-200 is in my comfort zone. Read more>

Katrina: Another View
Text and Photographs by
Edward Richards

As things settled down in Baton Rouge, and security was relaxed on the flooded areas, which was about two months after the storm, I started systematically exploring the entire region affected by Katrina, from Ocean Spring, Mississippi, which is just east of Biloxi, to Grand Isle, Louisiana, which is west and south of New Orleans.
What I saw was both amazing and frightening.
I started documenting the damage with my 4x5.... Read more>


Coal Hollow
Photographs By Ken Light
Reviewed By J.B. Colson

"If we must grind up human flesh and bone in the industrial machine we call modern America, then before God I assert that those who consume coal and you and I who benefit from that service because we live in comfort, we owe protection to those men first, and we owe security to their families if they die."  Read more>


Alec Soth's NIAGARA
by Roger Richards

The past two years have been very interesting for photographer Alec Soth, a period of time in which he has gone from being an unknown to fame after his exceptional book Sleeping by the Mississippi was released in 2004....
Read more>


The Bang Bang Club

Filmmaker Dan Krauss' award-winning documentary The Death of Kevin Carter tells the story behind Carter's Pulitzer Prize winning photograph (right). The Bang Bang Club is a book by his colleagues who covered the violence of the last years of South Africa's apartheid regime. View a gallery of photographs and excerpts from the book. 
Read more>


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